Winter Holidays In Other Country

Sweden and Finland

Important Dates

Around Christmas in Sweden, one of the biggest celebrations are St.Lucia's Day. December 13 was also the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, in the old Julain calendar. The Festival of Lights in sweden was turned into St.Lucia's Day. It's a little different in Finland. On boxing day, people like to go out

Night Before

The night before in Sweden, presents are normally exchanged on Christmas Eve. They also watch Donald Duck. It's called "From all of us to all of you." In Finland, Christmas trees are brought from the local market or square. They eat rice pudding and plum fruit juice for breakfast. At midday the 'peace of Christmas' is broadcasted on tv and radio

Gift Bearer

In Sweden, children are told that St.Lucy brings them presents. They leave out a sandwich for her and the donkey that helps carry the gifts. The Gift Bearer in Finland is Joulupukkki (Christmas goat). It was a Yule goat who was scary and asked people for presents. Over time Santa became the gift bearer.

Day Of

People in Sweden often go to church early on Christmas morning. Christmas ends on January 13. Christmas Day in Finland is much quieter with families usually spending it quietly. Skiing is popular on Christmas


In Sweden, they have what is called a Julbord. They eat cold fish, meatballs, turkey, potatoes, roast beef, cheeses, liver pate, salads, pickles, bread and butter. For deserts, sweet pastries. To drink, glogg (wine but sweet). And coffee. In Finland, lute fish, leg of pork, mashed potato, casseroles, salmon, and turkey. For desert, it is rice pudding

Other Traditions

In sweden, they were lights on there heads. In Finland, inside the rice pudding is one almond. Whoever find the almond is lucky for next year. Animals are given their own Christmas in FInland.