By: Andrea Malaluan

What Is Cyberbullying?

The use of an electronic technology (e.g. phones or computer) to bully another person by sending mean messages, threats, and/or rumors.
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Why It Matters...

Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without people, other than the child being bullied, knowing.

It can leave a lasting effect on the kid who is being cyberbullied such as developing health problems, decrease in motivation to do activities, and have lower self-esteem.

  • These kids may reach out to the use of alcohol and drugs and skip school as a way of coping or avoiding the situation.
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What can you do as a parent?

  • Know which sites your child visits and the types of activities they do online.
  • Consider installing software that allows you to filter the sites that they can visit.
  • Follow them on social media.
  • Communicate with your child and build that trust. This will help them open up easier and tell you when they are being cyberbullied. Make sure to let them know that will not get in trouble by you and that you care about their safety.
Cyberbullying - A Short Film

What should you do when your child is cyberbullied?

  • As a parent, make sure that neither you, nor your child responds to the cyberbully.
  • Complete block that person who is cyberbullying your child immediately.
  • Keep the evidence of the cyberbullying (e.g. the time, date, description, type of social network used, etc.).
  • Report the incident to the social media site that it occurred in.
  • "Report cyberbullying to law enforcement if the following occurs: (1) threats of violence, (2) child pornography or inappropriate messages or photos, (3) stalking and hate crimes" ("What Is Cyberbullying").


If your child is a cyberbully, he/she may be charged with a misdemeanor cyber harassment or juvenile delinquency charges.

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