Throw Away the Old Playbook

Out with the old, in with the new

In the above video that I created, my objective was to better explain why teachers need to adapt to this new way of teaching and how important it is for technology to be integrated into the classroom. With various videos that I researched, I was able to highlight the key pieces of information in support of integrating technology into the classroom.

This article discusses at depth what classrooms in New York may start to look like as soon as 2020 rolls around! The main emphasis of the article relied on one thing: technology education. This came with the idea of using apps, iPads, SmartBoards, and many other resources in all classrooms in a few very short years. The most interesting part of the article to me was that it will be expected of students to know how to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook. This article by Eric Holden is truly an enlightening one!

The above pictures are the pictures I saw when I simply Google Image searched the phrase "future classrooms" All of these pictures have one thing in common: TECHNOLOGY!

HP Classroom of the Future - Official Video

As you can see, there is an overwhelming trend of classrooms becoming more technology oriented as time goes on. While not all schools are in the same place in this transition, it is one that will inevitably occur whether a teacher is willing to accept it or not. This is something we as future teachers must embrace in order to have a successful career and produce successful pupils.

Thought this would be an awesome way to end my final project. Look at the possibilities! Who wouldn't want to throw out the old playbook?