Gender & Identity

Kai'la Pride


When im in school, im not to different from when im hanging with friends but i behave myself much more in school than out of school. If you were to ask my friends about me they'd probably say that im goofy, ask alot of stupid questions, fun to be around, not judgement, mean at times but loving, i give good advise and some other stuff but thats just what i think. Who knows what theyd say about me but i doubt itd be anything negative. I use to be real active in sports but i just stopped well i stopped join teams but i still play out of school for fun.

In the play Twelth Night, the character Olivia the Lady of the house is not exactly concieted but she knows of her beauty, she is a modest and classy lady, who has great respect from her servants, she is shallow because she fell inlove and married someone just for there looks mostly and little for their personality. Olivia knows her position, she knows who has higher power and how to treat them and she knows who has lower power and how to treat them.


Im a girl but people confuse me for a boy sometimes because of the way i dress. I dont usually notice anything like getting treated any different, I keep a small circle so my friends dont treat me any different from how i treat them or for as long as i known them its the same or i could say i wouldnt execpt anything more or less from them and if others are or were treating me any different i usually dont notice because i probably didnt care or pay that close of attention to what they were saying or doing.

Olivia is a female that is confident, knows of her beauty but not conctieted. she acts classy and has the posture of proper lady. She doesnt really have limitations because of her level in soceity, she can do as she please but they're may be some things but over all no limitations.


i wouldnt actually be able to tell you how people see me because im sure everybody has their own perception of me but i could tell you i would hope and think they see me as a good person. Also i would hope that they wouldnt just jugde me by what they see but not judge me at all or atleast get to know before judging.

I belive that other characters in Twelfth Night see Olivia as a proper and responsibile lady who controls the house correctly without being a bad leader/boss to them. They see her as their boss, someone who they must respect, not dare be rude to and they love her as if she's family and some love her more than that. She probably doesnt see herself much differently. “I will drop in his way some obscure epistles of love, wherein by the color of his beard, the shape of his leg, the manner of his gait, the expressure of his eye, forehead, and complexion,he shall find himself most feelingly personated.”(II.III.139-143)pg.7, Malvolio was so stupidly in love with Oliva he fell for a trick pulled by Maria.

Similarities and Differences

A similarity between Olivia and myself is we know our spot in life, we both are respected but her more in her situation, and people like her that she doesnt like back.

A differences is she is of higher power, she is more proper and you could agrue more responsible, and she is a boss of a court.