Outliers in ELT @Bilgi University

Fostering Autonomy with Today's Opportunities

Help Your Students to Become Outliers!

The concept of autonomy is not new in the field of foreign language teaching but recently there has been an increasing interest in learner autonomy in particular, as new trends in foreign language teaching support a learning environment which enables learners to take control of their own learning. In other words, language classrooms have become more learner-centered than they used to be. When we think about the reasons for this change, the impact of technology cannot be ignored. From this point of view, this session will be focusing on the role of learner autonomy in English Language Teaching as well as suggesting ways to foster it with technology which provides us with a lot of opportunities to enhance our students’ learning process. As language teachers, it is our responsibility to guide our students in this journey to autonomy, which will lead them to become the outliers as they will differ from other learners in the way they look at language learning.

Venue: E2 105