Second Grade Newsletter

Mrs. Haddock

Our Learning:

Reading Focus

Math Focus

  • Identifying and counting coins
  • Financial literacy (saving over time and spending
  • Science- natural resources

Writing Focus

  • Responding to texts in our reader's notebook
  • Using complete sentences
  • Oral writing- gestures and punctuation

Grammar focus


  1. pit
  2. sag
  3. hog
  4. fan
  5. bus
  6. nut
  7. wet
  8. from
  9. who
  10. they

Dates to remember:

9/6-9/9 Spirit week (items for sale)

9/8 Grandparents Day lunch

Book orders:

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Class Code- PN4LP

Due 9/15/16

Ask Your Child About:

  • Memories- talk with grandparents about their favorite memories.


Conference 10-11am


Ms. Clayburn


Mrs. Haddock