The Doppleganger Chronicles

G. P. Taylor

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Recommendation by Lauren

Are you bored with your life? Is your mom dominating you with chores? Is your life sucking the fun out of you?! Well b r e a k the rules with Doppleganger by G.P Taylor.

This fun lasting book will fill your life with FUN!!!!!!!!!! This reason is for laughter ,action ,guns, epic!!!! Just like Sadie,a main character, you can be brave and have the ability to escape anything (even your homework! how? JUST DUMP IT IN THE TRASH! boom! or tell your teacher you found the illuminati as a child).

Another reason you should read this is that it has some “rare objects” involved (:P). These rare object are: the Indigo moon. That’s all I have for the rare objects . There are recently 3 books of Doppleganger. Those are:

the First Escapethe Secret of the Indigo Moon(imagine a moon made of indigo kids) and the Great Mogul Diamond (stop asking me to put a picture in). there’s also some half drama half funniness half :) for all. Mostly my most favorite characters are Sadie,Dorcas Potts (i think i spelled her first name wrong),and (i think) Erik.