The Reformation

The outstanding change over time


In the beginning many people did, and supported what ever the church told them to do. They also believed in what they said. Then came a change. A major change in the church, this is known as the Reformation. there were many causes of or for the occurrence of the Reformation. For example, merchants during this time did not want to pay taxes. One of the main causes was the fact that there was corruption in the church.

The first catholic church taught that Christians could only receive salvation by having faith in God and doing good works for others. Later the church began to sell things called indulgences. Indulgences are one example of corruption in the church. Indulgences were used as a way for people to repent for their sins by good works. They would give these indulgences to the church leaders, in which these leaders would use the money to help the church. Though this was not always the case. Like in the renaissance, people began to criticize these corruptions. People started to speak up, step up and out against the corruptions in the church. This all happened because of the spread of humanism during the renaissance, which influenced people to think separately and to have their own opinion, and to use their voices and speak out. This was the change.

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This change impacted society at the time by changing the way people did things, and how they handled it. For example, the catholic church decreased in moral and political power. The churches morals were no longer much cared for. People wanted to do things on their own, not follow some notion that only the church really understood. They wanted to learn and understand the bible on their own. People became independent, and no longer needed to rely on the church. This leads into the plummeting of the churches power too. People began to separate from the church. The catholic church lost its power, and its sense of control over the people. This is because, not many people supported and agreed with the church. As a result Protestantism spread, as did Calvinism and Lutheranism. Society was different, changed because people spoke their minds whether it be for or against something. (pictures from


This change, to me, is very evident in today's modern society. For example, people speak their minds, whether it be for or against something in our modern day or in politics. One major example would be voting. Voting is one way that we as a country are able to express our opinions. Lutheranism and Calvinism are still current religions that many people believe and participate in today! That change, amazingly,is still prominent in our modern society. Because of people like Martin Luther and John Calvin creating these religions, so many other religions have sprung from these religions. For example, there are 21,000 christian religions today in our modern society. "apparently estimated almost 21,000 denominations." This shows that this change is evident in our modern society. (pictures from

when you don't want to follow the rest, find some past inspiration. speak out, speak loud. follow what you can interpret. be inspired by others who have done great things. Be effective. though not only make a change in the church, make a change in your mind. follow what you feel is right. don't be afraid to speak out against the norm. this is the reformation!