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Weekly Bulletin - November 10, 2019

Remembrance Day - Lest We Forget

Monday, November 11th

This past Thursday, our Grade 1W, 2K and 4G classes led us through a Remembrance Day assembly. On Remembrance day members of the armed forces (soldiers, sailors and airmen) are commemorated. The other common name for this day is Armistice Day which marks the date and time when armies stopped fighting World War One on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month).

We were very lucky to have Comrade Lloyd Dool and his wife join us and share a few words with our students.

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Catholic Education Sunday

Thank you to all of our parents, students and staff who were able to attend and support this past weekend. Also- a special thank you to Father Joby and St. Francis Xavier parish.
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Picture Re-Take Day - November 19

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Christmas Concert Information

After careful thought and deliberation to accommodate as many families as we could, here are the concert dates and the classes participating.

Please note that the ECS classes and Pre-Kindergarten classes will be performing together in our school gymnasium on December 11/12 during the day.

Here are the details:


Wednesday, December 11th: M/W ECS and Pre-K AM @ 10:00am

Thursday, December 12th: T/TH ECS and Pre-K PM @ 1:30pm

Location: St. Pat's Gymnasium

Grades 1-4:

Monday, December 16th: 1E, 1W, 2K, 2W, 3E/N, 4B, 4G

Tuesday, December 17th: 1B, 1G, 2R, 3B, 3K, 4P

Location: Jeanne & Peter Lougheed Performing Arts Centre

Time: 7pm


Please note: Christmas Concert attire will be Sunday best clothing except for the assigned actors from grade 4.

Nature Kindergarten off to a great start....

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  • Nov 11-15 - Fall Break (No School)
  • Nov 19 - Picture Re-Take Day!
  • Nov 21 - School Council Mtg @ 7pm
  • Nov 22 - Hot Lunch - Subway
  • Nov 29 - Spin the Wheel
  • Nov 29 - Hot Lunch - East Side Marios


  • Dec 5 - Early Dismissal @ 2:05pm
  • Dec 6 - No School - PD Day
  • Dec 11 - PreK AM and MW Kindergarten Christmas Concert @ 10:00 am (School Gym)
  • Dec 12 - PreK PM and TTH Kindergarten Christmas Concert @ 1:30 pm (School Gym)
  • Dec 13 - Hot Lunch - Edo Japan
  • Dec 16 - Gr 1-4 Christmas Concert (see schedule)
  • Dec 17 - Gr 1-4 Christmas Concert (see schedule)


Thank you once again St. Pat's for thinking of the less fortunate and donating some of your trick or treat candy back for those in need. What a fun assembly run by Mr. Ernst and Mr. Doll.

Every class contributed for a total of 200 lbs!!!

Congrats to 3E/N for the collecting the largest amount.

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We're very excited to report that our profit from the Book Fair was a total of $1818.84 ($1299.17 cash, $519.67 books). Money raised at the book fair goes right back into our library, providing us with many wonderful reading resources.


NEW...FIELD TRIP FEES for the year have been applied to ALL student accounts. Field trip fees need to be paid before the field trip date.

Hard copy invoices have been sent home and can be found in PowerSchool. Fees can be paid Online (PowerSchool Parent Portal) or at the school office (Debit, Visa, MasterCard).

Note: If you require financial assistance, Waiver of Fee Application Forms are available (click the link below). Application deadline is: December 13, 2019


Taking a Stand on Video Games

Don't expect your child to set his own limits on the amount of time he spends with this bewitching form of entertainment. You are responsible for your child's well-being and must set appropriate limits for him. If the rules are broken, deny your child access to the game for a day or more. Insist that homework and chores be completed before your child can play video games. Game time can even be used as an incentive for finishing these tasks properly.

  • Limit video game time.
    Allow an hour of play on school nights and two or three hours a day on weekends. Some parents allow the video games only on weekends. If your child is doing poorly in school, temporarily eliminate video game time on school nights. Some parents allow their children to earn video game time by putting in equivalent reading time.
  • Don't allow your child to postpone bedtime because he wants to finish a video game.
    Remember that children who stay up late are usually too tired the next day to remember what they are taught in school. Don't allow your child to have a video game set in his bedroom, because this eliminates your control over time spent playing.
  • Encourage your children to settle their own disputes over using the video game.
    Try to stay out of disagreements, as long as they remain verbal. Children can't go through life having a referee to resolve their differences. If the dispute becomes too loud, remove the game until your children work out a solution.
  • Help your child choose video games that are not excessively violent.
    Encourage your child to buy or rent sports, puzzle, maze, or adventure games. Avoid games that contain lots of murder, combat and destruction. Research suggests that video games encourage more aggressive behavior than violent TV shows because your child is an active participant in the destruction and not just an observer.
  • Try to channel your child's leisure time into a variety of activities.
    Video games are not bad for children. They can teach certain skills and they are more educational than watching TV. So teach your child to play them in moderation after the first weeks of normal infatuation pass. Encourage reading, music, hobbies, sports and playing with friends as well.


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School Safety Patrollers
  • Please be aware of the crosswalks in front of our school as our Grade 4 Safety Patrollers are now on duty! **Be safe and use the designated crosswalks**

Busing Information

  • Please stay clear of the bus lanes at the beginning and end of the school day
  • Families/Students using 54th ave (North Side of School Yard) as a pick up/drop-off location, please use extreme caution. There are no crosswalks and it is a very busy street with heavy traffic


St. Francis Xavier Parish Information

Click HERE for Parish Information and Bulletins

St. FX Youth Group - Grades 7-9

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To report an absence you can do any of the following options:

  1. Call 1-877-246-9970 - option 3
  2. Use the SchoolMessenger App
  3. Use the "SchoolMessenger" link in the EICS App (this requires the SchoolMessenger app to be installed on a phone)
  4. Use

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