by ringette

The purpose of Smore

The purpose is to make online flyers or look at other peoples flyers.

How does Smore work?

-First you have to sign up for Smore

-Then you have to click start a new flyer

-then you have to pick what kind of flyer you are doing

-when you are finished you can post it

My opinion of Smore

-My opinion is that it is a good tool because you can learn from other peoples flyers about stuff you did not know about or how to make stuff and stuff that is happening around the world.

How is the website designed?

-The front page has all different flyers on it.

-But when you sign up you have to make your flyer or you can go back to looking at other peoples flyers.

Some interesting things

-Some interesting things you can do is change the colours, fonts, backgrounds, design and your writing