Levi Strauss

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Full Name

Loeb Strauss

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Fathers name

Levis Väter Name ist Hirsch Struass.

Mothers Name

Levis Mütter Name ist Rebecca Haas.

Birth Date and Place

Levi Geboren am 16, Februar 1829 in Buttenheim, Bauvaria.

Death and Burial Place

Levi Gestorben am 26, September 1902 in San Francisco California.




  1. He Member of the Eureka Benevolent society.
  2. Levi was Inducted in California hall of fame.
  3. He Helped fund a synagogue.
  4. He also Helped Build a railroad.
  5. Levi was a Millionaire.
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Interesting information

  1. Levi Brought and sold real estate.
  2. He Began establishing a wholesale dry goods business, selling everything from clothing to umbrellas to bolts of fabric.
  3. Levi was a well-known figure in
    San Francisco, yet despite his stature as an important businessman, he insisted
    his employees call him Levi, and not Mr. Strauss.
  4. Levi never married nor had

A contemporary

Jacob Davis worked along Levi Strauss to make the jeans that they still make today.

he was a tailor from Nevada and one of Levi’s regular customers who purchased bolts of cloth from his dry goods wholesale business.