The Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains goes along the Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico goes along the boundary of the Coastal Plains.Here is a short depiction for the Coastal Plains:Has vast lowlands, and awesome harbors.There are outstretched sandy beaches made for relaxing.I think the Coastal plains are worthy of a rating if ten for these reasons:You can go through the Atlantic Ocean and then go to any other continent that does't have zombies in it.If the Gulf of Mexico is more convinient for you than you can also go through the Gulf of Mexico which leads you to the Atlantic ocean.The lowlands are good because they are flat and you could run through then easily so you can get to an awesome harbor to find transportation before the zombies do.
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Great Plains

The Great Plains has a lot of flat land.There is a lot of dry yellow grass. The tornado alley is located in the Great Plains, which means that tornadoes happen frequently. I think the Great Plains deserves a rating of 5 because the flat land is easy to run through but there are a lot of tornadoes and they can't slow down easily because there are not a lot of obstacles. Since there is dry grass, that must mean there is not a lot of water around, and you need water in order to survive.


The Rocky Mountains are more unleved, rocky, and mountianous than the Appalachian Mountains.The Rocky Mountains go from Alaska to New Mexico.The Continentel divide is located in the Rocky Mountains.I think the Rocky Mountains should get a rating of 6.Here are a few reasons of why I think that the Rocky Mountains deserve a 6:Because the mountains are all sharp and, rugged so it will be kind of hard to climb.All the snow on the mountains must mean it is pretty cold so you could get frostbite or something.There are plenty of trees around the mountains so you could make a fire , or make a tree house to get away from the zombies๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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Here are some supplies I think would be useful for a zombie apocalypse:Food , water, flashlight, extra batteries, canned food, can opener, money, your Identification, phone, charger, first aid kit, multi purpose tools, blankets, extra clothes, and set of house key, car keys, and medications.Don't forget your Sam's club membership

AWESOME places to hide

You can build a treehouse with the multi-purpose tools, and take the ladder away so the zombies can't get in.You should really get a membership for Sam's Club
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