GWSS Has Awards for Students!

Need a little extra to pay tuition?

Scholarships Available!

Hawthorne Hartung Women’s Studies Grant: $500 award to a student submitting an outstanding GWSS related paper or creative project.

Women’s Studies Social Justice Fund: $250 award to a student project or paper relating to feminist related social justice movements. This award can be used to organize an event!

Christina Grubba Memorial Scholarship: $500 award to a junior or senior to undertake a GWSS relevant unpaid internship. Student must demonstrate academic achievement and financial hardship. ** Students wishing to apply for the Grubba should contact Judith directly (


Deadline for all applications and proposals should be submitted to 425 Ford Hall no later than 4:00 PM, Friday, November 1.

All entrees should have a cover page with the student’s name; UMN x500 number; and the name of the award they are submitting for.