His foot isn't that large

The Big Hairy Thing

So there was once a little kid named Stephen James and well he said I want to be a little dinosaur when I grow up all the way to an amazing adult. So when he was 13 he went ahead and then bought his own house. He was soon to be one of the most richest people in the whole entire world well for the most of the teenagers. He was happy because he was rich.

He had about 16 million dollars and that my friend is a lot of money if you asked me but the thing that stephen james that you had to worry about is that he lived somewhere nobody ever lived before that place was under the ice in the antarctic. He felt amazing by the way.

So whenever he wanted something to eat he just went above the ice to TALK to the seals. The problem with my LITTLE friend is that he was not a very actual human so that every time that he went to go to school he had a lot of friends and the reason he had a lot of friends is that he wants to hurt a little kids. He wanted to change.

So when ever he went to go outside it was really snowing so he stuck his tongue out and went ahead and then he sucked all of the snowflakes and then even when he ate the yellow snow he thought that it was banana flavored snow. So then when he called his momma on his flip phone he said mom this banana flavored snow tastes horrible. His mother responded that's not snow that's pee that somebody did. He felt disgusting after that one.

So when he called his father then his father said it looks like there is going to be a bad storm so why don't you came down and stay with me. So then when Stephen James got of the phone with his dad then he packed his clothes which I mean a lot of clothes my little friends. He packed the seals that he ripped to pieces so that he could make a stuffed animal out of it and for a slick blanket. So when Stephen James got to his fathers house he went ahead and said where is my room at father such his father was a man by the way. (Human) He was shocked

So when he went ahead and then he sat down into his room and then he figured out that it was decorated like a little babbies room. So he went to tell his dad that they were going to trade rooms if he wanted James to stay. So what happened anyways they switched rooms and then he got on his phone and started trying to prank call his dad in like a creepy voice. So when his dad came in his room to check on him the sound if his voice was like so high pitched but when he was pranked calling his dad his voice was deeper than a 500 ft pool. My gosh he was exited

So what happened with his father and him is his mother came home at 3:36 pm 2 weeks after he has stayed there so he decided to go ahead and give her a hug then the big boy got a job and got a dinosaur costume for Halloween and everybody thought that he was was a regular human. Oh and they lived happily ever after. They felt loving in a big family.

So when ever he decided to move out where there was a couple of of mountains they found a cave and when they found the cave they had to just go and check out that cave and they went and checked it out they found a house inside of it, it was really nice.

Sorry I couldn't get any pictures in the story.