Come Make A Child Sick!

Only Myxoviridaes admitted

Our Special Day is Coming Soon!

It is your time to shine! Come help infect a young schoolchild! Mumps, acute respiratory infections, measles or influenza! Both orthomyxoviridae and paramyxoviridae are allowed. There will be plenty of erythrocytes which have even more mucoprotein receptors to attach to!


Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 9pm

In A Young Kid!

Don't forget your two spikes haemagglutinin(H) and neuraminidase (N)! Without your H spikes you will be unable to participate! These are the only things that allow you to attack to the cell! Very Important! This will help you cause haemagglutination, which is the clumping of red blood cells!
1:00- Get Transmitted through respiratory and oral secretions

2:00- Have H spikes attach to the cell

3:00- RNA is transmitted into the cell

Wait the 1-3 day incubation period

4:00- Create mass panic in the child!


Don't Wait

The temperature will be perfect! You only

live for 30 mins for 50℃

live for about a week in 0-4℃

are preserved for years -70℃

Don't forget the environment is a factor! This is the perfect place for you to survive!

Health Disclaimer

Myxoviridae can cause influenza, acute respiratory infections, measles, and mumps. There are many strains of influenza that have been found to affect the population. Vaccines have been proven to help keep people from getting this potentially lethal disease. Mumps have been found to occur mostly in schoolchildren and are transmitted through respiratory and oral secretions. Symptoms include fatigue, body aches, headaches, loss of appetite and fever.