Science Career

Diesel Mechanic!

Title/name of Job

Diesel mechanic/technician

Degree Needed

Most diesel mechanics learn information on the job, but employers prefer applicants who have completed postsecondary training programs in diesel engine repair. It's not required, but industry certification is important for diesel mechanics.

What a Diesel Mechanic does in Detail.

A diesel engineer works on and repairs diesel engines. They work on almost all diesel engines as in buses, semi trucks.

Experience/Skills needed

Diesel Engine Fundamentals
Fuel Injection Systems
Truck Electricity and Electronics
Batteries and Starting Systems
Ignition and Computer Systems
Clutches and Standard Transmissions

What branch of science most of this career falls under and why?

It is physical because the vehicles are not alive or breathing.

Something you found interesting about the career?

The pay is much lower than I thought.

Some Pictures of People on the Job.