Thunder storms

How the storms begin!

How thunderstorms form

How is a thunderstorm formed ? A original thunderstorm is made by convection currents meaning when the sun warms up as heated body of moist air near the ground. Then the air gets colder as it expands . The cooling then condenses the water vapor presenting it in the air above the base , and then the top spreads out the shape of the cloud anvil.

Where thunderstorms form

Thunderstorms come from cold fronts . What are cold fronts ? cold fronts are fast moving cold air mass meets slow moving air mass . The cold fronts come with : Violent storms , heavy rain , and cold and fair weather after

What are they and what do they mean

Thunderstorms are very big violent storms . Thunderstorms mean that there is going to be a lot of rain , thunder , lightning , and hail .

What clouds are associated with Thunderstorms ?

The clouds associated with the thunderstorms are Altocumulus and Cumulonimbus clouds .


The scale Is nothing . People think there should be one .

Precaution of thunderstorms

Well their could be tornados , hurricane , and droughts so yes , maybe shelter or a basement .