Walmart Destroys Small Businesses

By: Trevor Rich

Walmart strikes again in the small town of Ledville, Ohio. On October, 20th 2015 the people of Ledville got a surprise that a Walmart was going to be built not even a mile away from their shopping center. Some of the people rejoiced in the low prices that would come their way but shop-owners saw the harm this would cause to them. The new Walmart was completed on January, 3rd 2016 and not even a month later, on February, 1st 9 local stores had gone bankrupt. So what went wrong? Why did 9 honest families have to be put out business? A Walmart is detrimental to a small business because of the prices they offer are so much lower, a "Mom and Pop" shop cannot compete with these prices and this drives nearly all of their business away from them. Forcing them to close up shop for good.

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The People It Hurts

Ledville has a population of 5,000 loving and caring people, but a Walmart is too much temptation for an average consumer to resist and without even thinking they are destroying the Walmart's only competition. And these families that are destroyed when their shop closes down have no where to go to follow their dream of owning a grocery store, hardware store, or even a flower shop. A Walmart has a complete monopoly over all these goods and more and have to be stopped if we ever want America's small businesses to survive.
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