The Oneida Nation

"People of the Standing Stone"

Oneida Past History

The Oneida tribe lived in Wisconsin and New York. The Oneida fought with the Iroquois tribe.

Onieda Present History

The Onieda lived in Wisconsin and New York. Today they are working to keep their language because the children aren't learning their language.

Oneida Food

The Oneida ate fish, corn, beans, squash, berries, herbs, soup, cornbread, stew, elk and deer. That is what the Oneida people ate.

Oneida Clothing

The Oneida wore breech leggings, apron, Abenaki costumes, Salish cloth, legging boots, moccasins and beaded shirts.

Oneida Homes

The Oneida lived in the American long house, Wigwam homes, Tepees, Brish Shelters, Plank Houses, Grass Houses, Adobe Houses, Earthen Homes, Wattle and Daub houses, and also Chicees. Most of the Oneida homes were made out of wood.

Oneida Tools

The Oneida used... clubs, arrows, bow, fishing spear, axes, tomahawk, spiked club, knives, swords, coup sticks, blowgun and darts, and shields.

Oneida Games

The Oneida played games like cornhusk dolls for girls and lacrosse and throwing darts through a moving hoop.

Oneida Interesting Facts

The Oneida played the flute and drums. Most Oneida speak English. The Oneida read stories and told legends.