Driving High

What are the short term effects of marijuana?

The short term effects of marijuana occur shortly after smoking. These effects include temporary changes in thoughts, changing perception and trouble processing information. While under the influence, people experience trouble recalling information that they learned while high. However, they have no trouble remember information they learned while sober. While high, people can also experience anxiety, lowered reaction time. Oftentimes users feel very tired while they are "coming down" as well as the ability to demolish a big mac in under 30 seconds.

Long term effects

Long term effects of marijuana become apparent over time. These effects include a suppressed immune system, damage to the lungs, short term memory loss, mood changes, inability to pay attention, lack of motivation and difficulty studying. Though marijuana is not physically addictive, some people can become mentally dependent on it.

Is Marijuana Harmful to Health?

Who smokes marajuana?

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Does it effect your ability to drive?

Logically, it would be believed that being high would make driving difficult. However, there have been many field tests that have demonstrated how marijuana has very little effect on a persons ability to drive. This is because users tend to decrease their speed and pay more careful attention to road signs and laws, because they are doing something illegal. Infrequent users tend to be most affected by the effects whereas chronic users exhibit little to no change in driving capabilities. However, this evidence is up for debate because these tests were done on a closed course. In a situation that requires a quick reaction, a sober driver would be more likely to walk away uninjured rather than the high driver because marijuana slows reaction time. Other research has concluded that it does mildly effect psychomotor skills, but does not play a large role in crashes, as compared to alcohol. Nevertheless, it remains illegal for the time being and if convicted, you will get a DUI.
Drivers stoned on marijuana test their driving skills

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DUI-driving under the influence (of alcohol or drugs): often used as an official police abbreviation.

High- euphoric state induced by alcohol, drugs, etc.

Stoner- a person who is habitually high on drugs, especially marijuana, or alcohol