Perseverance and Adversity

By: Bridgit McGee


Mankind has a variance of definitions for perseverance because it depends on what a person has been through. A possible definition is, someone who is getting through one or many adversities and is on the way to overcoming one's obstacles.

Jackie Robinson


Jackie Robinson was a former African American Brooklyn Dodgers Major Baseball League player. He broke the color barrier for blacks in sports in 1947. He was born in Cairo Georgia on January 31st, 1919. He became who he was by a man named Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Branch recruited Jackie for his team in 1947. Jackie showed great resilience from all of the people being rude to him. Later in his life he helped Martin Luther King with a conflict about racial injustice in 1963. Four black girls were blown up in a church bombing. Even after the sports barrier being broken people were still racist. Jackie Robinson had to put up with all of the nasty comments and people and never fought back and kept his head up.

Kid President (Robby Novak)

Compare and Contrast

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Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing lady who had an ambition to help people. She was born on October 11th, 1884. Eleanor had many adversities in her life. Her parents wanted to have a boy instead of have Eleanor. People called her mean names like “ugly duckling.” Instead of being combative she became inspired by her father who greatly impacted her life. Then her mother died in 1892. She was very close to her father but when he left to help his drinking problem in 1892. She was sent to live with her Grandma that year so she would not be alone. Then in 1894 her father died of his alcohol problem. Next she went to a boarding school at Allenswood in 1899. She married Franklin Roosevelt in 1905. Later in her life she greatly impacted the government and helped many people. She always loved helping people. She started writing her book “May Day” in 1935. Lastly she died of Tuberculosis in 1962.

Caitlin from Mockingbird

Cause and Effect

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Losing to Win

Problem Solution

Some kids in Carroll County have had a very rough life. A portion of the kids have parents who abuse drugs and alcohol. The kids come home to a house where there may be no electricity, water, and a rat infested house. For all of these adversities they have rebelled and have been sent to Carroll Academy. At Carroll Academy all of the kids have to participate in something at the school. An option is to play on their basketball team, the Lady Jags. They have lost over 212 games. They don’t play to win they play to gain life skills such as learning to deal with losses the right way. These kids have shown great improvements in behavior and their personalities from their time at Carroll Academy.

What can we learn from these peoples perseverance?

We can learn how to get through adversity. Also we can learn how to react to adversity. Looking at all of these people accomplishments and have seen what their story is some of us can relate to them and some can learn from them.