Emergent Bilinguals

A Focus on Accessibility and Equity

Big picture

Effective Practices that Support Emergent Bilingual Students

  1. Identify your students’ language backgrounds and Proficiency Levels (please see page 18 of the ELD Standards Framework)

  2. Provide effective Integrated ELD and Designated ELD instruction

  3. Use appropriate and planned scaffolds to support academic language development and content knowledge

  4. View SOE Module #6: Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students for more effective practices and strategies

Build Connections with Families

  • Confirm students have all the resources they need (internet connection, virtual learning device, food, safety)

  • Access students’ “Funds of Knowledge” via a Family Survey or Inventory, such as this one from the Teaching Tolerance website: Family Interview

  • Ask students to share any extenuating circumstances you should be aware of regarding their learning

  • Encourage families to have conversations in their home language to aid academic language development

  • Connect learning to students’ lived experiences

Provide Opportunities to Build Academic English


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