The Tenth Network

@Museum Park Auto Service "A blessing paid forward"

How does this benefit my Church?

The Tenth network is a COST FREE income to your church. I know you are thinking nothing is "free", but this comes pretty close. This Income can be a part of a fundraiser or a permanent program. All funds delivered to the church will be used at the churchs' discretion with no strings attached. The Tenth Network is a great tool to help fund programs like VBS, Retreats, Youth Camps etc.

How The Tenth Network works?

The Tenth Network works by partnering your church with businesses that have a sentiment for the church (and business). This partnership is give and "give". Members of your congregation who are already consuming services and businesses who are already spending money on advertising and marketing are joined to give to each other. The Tenth Network will work with these two forces to create a free income for your church. Members of your congregation will frequent businesses in the 10th Network and the business will return a tenth of the total business done to that congregates home Church. Thus creating a free income for your church.

Who are we?

The Tenth Network today is a program of Museum Park Auto Service. We believe The Tenth network is a program placed on our hearts by God. The idea of creating an income for The Lords work and helping businesses thrive is what we are passionate about. We hope to soon grow the network to be a great blessing to many churches and businesses.

Genesis 12:3