Raccoon Review

A Weekly Communication Tool for Rice Elementary Staff

Campus Goals

  1. Ensuring ALL students are in attendance.
  2. Cultivating a climate that welcomes students and parents.
  3. Creating opportunities for students to use and increase critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  4. Moving from Parent Involvement to Parent Engagement.

Staff Shout Outs

1st math planning has been intentionally planning fact fluency activities each week, making team sets, and modeling the activities for their team (Hopper and Heard)

3rd Grade Math had kiddos up and processing math review for their peers the second week!

Shout Out to Ms. Blanco and Ms. Seal for going above and beyond for the students in their groups. Teachers are loving when they visit their class.

Week at a Glance: September 9th-14th

Book Fair all Week

Monday-Black Day

Kindergarten PLC

TEXANS Game Day!!! Wear your Texan gear!!!

7:00-Sped Team Meeting

7:00-Grandparent's Breakfast

9:00-Academic Conference

Tuesday-Red Day

3rd/4th ELA PLC

4:30-Kindergarten Math in Action

Wednesday-White Day

3rd/4th Math PLC

Malinda @ Principal's Meeting

2:00-Ned Show (All Grade Levels)

3:30-CANVAS Set Up Training (Art Room)

Thursday-Black Day

1st/2nd Math PLC

2nd Math CA #1

1st Grade Math in Action

RtI Meetings (schedule coming)

Friday-Red Day

1st/2nd ELA PLC

3rd Math CA #1

BOY On Demand Data Due

Math Review Quiz

CHS Black-out Day

4th Grade Monster Truck Field Trip

2:00-Totally Rad Raccoon Fun Run Pep Rally

2:30-3rd and 4th grade Clubs

Notes from Malinda


All TTESS evaluated staff will need to create an SLO. ( Less Than Annual and evaluated staff) The SLO, Initial Skill Profile (with student data), and Targeted Skill Profile will need to be completed by 9/26.

Grade Level Auction Idea for Open House

Begin thinking about what your team will put in the auction for Open House.

Student Support Services

We are blessed to have Allison Lehrmann on Tuesdays as our student support services coach. She can assist with classroom management strategies (CHAMPS/MAC), student behavioral support (PBIS), differentiating curriculum for special education students, and much more. Please reach out to her to come assist you in your classroom.

RtI Behavior steps

When you have a student who needs more behavioral supports please ensure you have incorporated the following steps:

  1. Level 1-3 Behavior procedures have been implemented
  2. Planned Conversations have been documented and revisited
  3. Parent Conference
  4. Collaborated with Allison Lehrmann for strategy suggestions (She is here all day on Tuesday)
Then you would contact Mrs. Sciba for a Tier 2 behavior meeting.

Staff Birthdays

Jeff Beck 9/7

Susan Johnson 9/9

Kayla Wojcik 9/10

Katie Haugen9/12

Kathy Hargitay 9/13