Spanish 2, Week 3, Día 3

La escuela

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to those who have taught me about different Spanish countries in U1 Proyect 3!

To see who´s covered which country, open this padlet:

Progress Reports Coming out first of next week.

I will be filing Progress Reports the first of the week. These reports go to your school contact person and you can get them from them. Alternatively, you can always track your progress by clicking on the Grades tab.

Noticias - Zeros will be added for unsubmitted work this weekend.

Starting this weekend, I will have to put in a ZERO for anywork that was due the week prior if it has not been submitted. That way the grade reported in the bi-monthly Progress Report will reflect more accurately what your grade will be if you do not submit the assignments. However, any unsubmitted assignment will be graded once submitted without penalty.

Lección: Do you remember how to tell time in Spanish? Here is a refresher:

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Fans of Sevilla by Jose Ramon CC