My Dream Vacation To Bahamas

By: Haley Rushford

Where I Want To Go.

My dream vacation is to go to the Bahamas,and go visit the Pink Sand Beach.And scuba dive.My destination is located in Dunmore Town,Bahamas.And I want to visit this place to get a sample of the "Pink Sand" I think this would be a great place to visit,because there is a large population in people,a beautiful salty water.
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10 Interesting facts

1.Lots of Money

2.Pink Sand


4.Mostly Islands

5.By Florda

6.South part of US

7.Very Poular

8.Surouded of Islands,and water



think you,ps:did not get to finish


I will Stay in a hotel near the Bahamas popular beach the "Pink Sand Beach"The place I will one day visit is a very popular stay in place it has tide pools,etc. In order to visit this place i will need a bathing suit,and five short one for every day,sunglasses,bathing suit,etc.


my trip will cost the following

with an estimated guess of 12,00 including of the lodging, my spending money ,food ,travel ,airfare,and gas.