Plants And Animals

Performance Task Gabriel S. 9/19/13

Animals Getting Their Food

How do animals get their food? Every animal has a feature to get its food. The animals need that food to get energy like lions need that food to catch more prey. Some animals are filter feeders that's what helps them get food. Some examples of features that animals have are like a hummingbirds long beak to get nector and a giraffes long neck to reach high trees.Animals need features and other things to get food.

Animal Populations

There are a lot of ways on how populations can change. They change cause of different things and they increase or decrease. Some animals change because of the weather . For example if there is a drought the grass won't get water and population of animals that eat grass will decrease.They also can change of the amount of food they have and

also change if there prey to predators.Populations change cause of lots of things.

Animal Growth

Animals grow trough time as babies.All animals start as a baby of course.As time passes the babies grow.Soon the baby will develop big like its parents.For example an elephant gives birth to a baby elephant .After a while the baby is young .As time passes the young develops into a adult elephant.Usually babies are born in caves,nest and other things.When they are born they don't feed themselves their mother does.Some animals grow big and tough.There are a lot of ways on how different animals grow.

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