You are close to promoting to Associate Stylist!

Announcement For a Select Few

Hello ladies! I am so excited to send you this newsletter because I put it together for just a select few on my team that are positioned to promote to Associate Stylist this month! Some of you are almost there or a stylist on your team has reached the requirements for you to promote...some just need a few orders over thanksgiving and others could pull off a pop up shop with some friends over wine or maybe a few family orders after Thanksgiving turkey with a couple trays and look books!! If there was ever a time to throw the idea out there it would be this month!

$50 Jeff Ruby Gift Card From Me For All Who Promote To Associate Stylist In November!!!

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Plus the Awesome Associate Stylist Bracelet!

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Ways To Market November Sales


Want some easy sales! Call a friend who owns a business that might need multiple gifts for office staff? Suggest engravables or poufs with a gift card! Call your friends husbands and get them to order something you KNOW they would love for their wives and daughters! Set up a pop up shop in a real estate office during the day. Contact your TOP customers and offer a private shopping appointment in your home or theirs...some top customers will spend a lot of money all at once to get holiday shopping checked off their list!! Have a BLACK FRIDAY sale!!
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Associate Stylist Requirements

Personal Sales (PQV) = $1,200

1 Qualified Stylist = $500

Total Team Sales = $3,000

Check your Business Dashboard and click on your "Career Progress" Tile...then click on the "Goal Payrank" and switch it to Associate Stylist... it will show you what you and your team needs to get there!! So doable in November : )

Sign up a friend and get them launched before the end of the month! Easily sponsor this month and achieve the required $500 in sales by a stylist on your team! Some of you already have the rest of the sales already : ) Who do you know that would like to have a "seasonal job"? Don't be TOO selective with the opportunity...throw it out there...many will be flattered you asked!!