Should college athletes get paid?

Milan Nuradin

Argument 1

Yes it is better if the colleges pay them, it is better because athletes need money to live, in a foreign country, an athlete has to pay rent and life expanses and if the college pays the athlete it will encourage them to stay at that college instead of ditching it. so apparently it is very very good if the colleges pays money for the athletes.

Argument 2

Yes they should. college athletes should be paid to play because they are busting their butts to help give their college a good name on athletics. they go to school full time and they also work and do their sport. so I say yes! they need to get paid for their amazing skills!

Argument 3

college athletes should be paid if you do think college athletes should be paid at least hear me out. college athletes work just as hard as the NFL, NBA, MLB players and most of them don't get in to the NFL, NBA, MLB and that is the only shot at getting paid in sports and if you don't even know not even 1% of college athletes get into the pro leagues.
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Wrap up

On should colleges athletes be paid for playing, I said yes because it will be fair because they don't have that much time to go to work to get money but they work really hard to succeed.