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The Goalie Mask

The first hockey goalie mask was made in 1960 with a fiber glass front. So that the goalies face would not get hurt from the puck hitting the goalies face. Before the goalie mask was made the goalie would suffer mass amounts of hits to the face.

The Hockey Puck

The hockey puck is made out of vulcanized rubber so that it slides on the ice easily. Before the rubberized puck the puck used to be rocks,a ball and a wooden puck.

How They Clean The Ice

The machine they use to clean the ice is called a Zamboni the Zamboni shoots out water and freezes the water so that the the hockey players skates don't slide into a crack in the ice.

How The Players Get Across The Ice

The hockey players have to were skates in order to skate across the ice.

How They Keep The Ice Cool

They keep the ice cold by manically freezing the ice.

The Teams

Some teams that i know of are Ottawa Centers, Montreal Canadians, Dallas Stars, the Oilers one player is Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne was born January 26 1961 in Ontario Canada he was only 2 years old when he started to skate. He would spend most of his time in ice honing his talent of ice skating. He would often play on teams that don't take kids his age. He scored 378 goals in peewee hockey. He was considered Hockey's greatest player. Wayne was a hall of famer.In 1978 he got to expense his first season of the NHL.

Games That Are Similar To Hockey

There are many games that are similar to hockey the one I know the most about is called field hockey it is when you take a ball and stick and you wack it a round a field.