LD Carers Community

in partnership with Dr Margaret Tyson

Special Edition - Annual Health Check Survey

There is only ONE MONTH left to take our survey, it closes on the 23rd April. The health of people with learning disabilities is important - please complete our carers survey and share with your networks. The more responses we have the better the results will be. Link to survey: https://www.quicksurveys.com/s/g5ETy84 We need this to go #viral in the LD world!

More about our Annual Health Checks survey

Learning Disability Carers Community, a not for profit organisation that supports and informs carers of children, young people and adults with learning disabilities in partnership with Dr Margaret Tyson, an honorary researcher with the Institute of Cancer Services, University of Manchester released a Survey for carers on the uptake and quality of Annual Health Checks for adults with learning disabilities. Margaret has experience of conducting surveys and has produced several reports including a published paper on self-blood pressure monitoring.

On advice from Jackie Fleeman, Lead Strategic Health Facilitator for Adults with Learning Disabilities, (Derbyshire NHS) we did not go ahead with our plan of producing an easy-read version for people with learning disabilities themselves, as her teams previously tried this but were unsuccessful due to issues with recall and false representation. In light of this our survey is aimed at parents/carers.

Our survey has been accepted by the NHS and distributed to the CCGs in their online newsletter. We regularly share it on Twitter, Facebook, our websites and other various contacts etc. but we need as many carers (especially family carers) as possible to get good results.

Our survey ends on April 23rd this year but we have already received some worrying responses demonstrating the need for further improvements regarding access to quality health care for people with learning disabilities and highlighting areas of concern.

We presented preliminary results at the Ihal Nottingham meeting in October 2014. We will be compiling a full report when the statistically analysed survey has finished.

The link to the survey is here: https://www.quicksurveys.com/s/g5ETy84

PLEASE COMPLETE AND SHARE - We need our survey to go #viral in the learning disability world!