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September 25, 2015

The UN is ON!

Good luck to all of our fUNdraiser participants! We're hoping to collect $5000 in donations in the next week. Check with family, friends, and neighbors you know and see if they would like to donate to our school!

Items for the SMS Spirit Store EXCLUSIVE Incentive program are showcased in the main hall. Check it out if you want a closer look at any of the items. To clarify, the price amount on your info sheet is the amount you need to raise to get that item. If something 'costs' $110, 85% of that is profit for the school and 15% is actually the cost of the item. The more donations you can generate, the more buying power you have in the spirit store.

See Miss Nass if you have any questions! Turn in any/all donations to the SMS office by Friday, October 2nd. We'll count our donations and then invite you in to 'shop, shop, shop!'

Raptor Security Check Starts Monday

All SCSD2 schools will be implementing a new school security measure starting on Monday, September 28th. The Raptor Security Screening will be implemented for all visitors that access the student areas of the building. Parents/guardians/presenters/etc. that go to building areas beyond the office will need to present their driver's licenses to Mrs. Walsh or Mrs. Manns. The license will be scanned and the information will be checked against a law enforcement data base (for certain kinds of crime). When the license information is 'cleared,' a white name tag will be printed and worn by the visitor. The name tag includes the date and time of the visit, the name of the visitor, the purpose of the visit, and the photo of the visitor. Bummer that you cannot smile on your driver's license pictures!

We are testing the system now and will go to full implementation on Monday. Please let your parents and guardians know to bring in purse/wallet each time they visit SMS during the school day. Thanks!


Congratulations to the Dream Team for capturing the EPIC trophy on Sept. 18th.

Congratulations to the students that attended the Student-Led Conference night.

Congratulations to Jaylah Mays for setting the 8th grade girls PE mile record (6:01).

Congratulations to the Builders' Club on receiving a DISTINGUISHED CLUB award!

School Picture Day Tuesday

All SMS students will be asked to sit for a school picture on Tuesday, September 29th. Life touch Photography will be taking the pictures. Parents/guardians wishing to purchase individual picture packages can do so two ways. Pictures can be purchased online (follow the steps on the SMS web site.) Pictures can also be purchased the traditional way- with the student handing the picture order form and money to the photographer on picture morning. Picture order forms were distributed to all students on Thursday. If you did not take yours home, do so tonight! If you didn't get an order form, get one in Connect today!

There are two reasons we want EVERYONE to have a picture taken. First, the SMS yearbook will be produced (and available for purchase) in the spring. Second, we are considering the use of SMS Student ID badges. If we get them this year, we'll need to have your school picture! A make up day is scheduled for November for any student that is absent on picture day.

Does anybody have a guess at the identity of the school picture? It is a celebrity that is very well known in the entertainment business.

Bullying Prevention

This week in Connect, we reviewed the definition of bullying. Bullying is intentional harm-doing, repeated over time, where one person has more 'power' than another person. Bullying can take many forms. Bullying can be verbal, physical, social, or cyber. In most bullying situations, there are three participants: the person that bullies, the target of the bullying, and the bystanders.

All three of these participant types are impacted in a bullying incident. What do you think happens to people who bully, targets of bullying, and bystanders? We'll be investigating the impact of bullying in a Connect lesson next week.

SMS is a Hub of Learning!

We have a beautiful building and a beautiful campus. People love to come here for events! We're hosting three big events next week. Please be aware that we'll have (Raptor) guests in the building and that we'll need to be extra quiet near the Great Room twice next week.

Tonight/Sept. 25- The Annual Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner for Scott County Democrats will be held in our cafeteria. We'll set up for this after school.

Monday/Sept. 28- We'll have a regional Five-Star Pivot training in the Great Room. We'll need to enter and exit the cafeteria through the side doors.

Wednesday/Sept. 30- We'll have a regional Indiana Department of Education Digital Curriculum Training meeting in the Great Room. We'll use the side cafeteria doors again.

We are proud to welcome regional and local guests to our building! Thanks for being great representatives of our school family. Thanks for helping us write #ourstory!

Quick Pics

Calendar Clues

Mon. 28 B: TR 6th Guidance SSS lesson in 6th INQ, DT 7th Guidance Life Skills lesson in 7th INQ, Builders' Club Board 3-4, 7/8 VB @ Seymour, 8 FB v. Salem, CC @ New Washington

Tue. 29 A: SCHOOL PICTURE DAY (AM), PR 6th Guidance SSS lesson in 6th INQ, CR Life Skills Guidance lesson in 7th INQ, Spell Bowl 3-4, Drama 3-4:15, Pep Club 3-4, Tennis v. Shawe, Soccer v. Jennings County, 6 VB @ Southwestern

Wed. 30 B: Cross 7:45am, Spell Bowl 3-4, 6/7/8 VB v. Salem, Tennis v. Salem

Thu. Oct. 1 A: Drama 3-4:15, Builders' Club 3-4, FB @ Paoli, CC @ Silver Creek, Soccer @ Madison

Fri. 2 B: fUNdraiser money due, 6 VB v. Southwestern, 7/8 VB v. Henryville

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