The Untouchables

The Untouchables, The lowest class in the Caste System

The Untouchables

The Untouchables were the lowest class in the Caste System, India's social pyramid. The Untouchables were a class that was mainly made up of peasents and servants. The Untouchables made up up about 5% of The population In ancient India. Among people n higher class they were treated very poorly folks above them felt that the Untouchables made them uncomfortable.

The daily life of the Untouchables.

As an Untouchable your life is basically horrific. Your day consists of doing jobs people above them don't want to do. These jobs consists of jobs such as fishing, cleaning sewers, movie unclaimed bodies, disposing of dead cattle and many more awful jobs. The thing that really stinks about being an untouchable is that no matter how smart or how good of a person you are you can't get out of your social class. So whatever class your family is when your born that's your permanent class, They also treat children untouchables as they do adults. To the people of higher classes they are basically treated like property. Also if Untouchables the Untouchables did a crime no matter how bad a crime they are still seriously punished or put to death.

Some of the other classes above the Untouchables