Exotic Pets

Should they be allowed?

Reasons why exotic animals should be allowed as pets

  1. They are well trained

  • exotic animals are trained before transport
  • they are trained by professionals

2. Exotic animals are unique

  • they show your personality
  • they come in many different shapes and sizes
3. Exotic animals are safe

  • they are well trained
  • only specific ones are chosen to be sold

How pets can effect your life

  • They show your personality
  • They are unique and well trained
  • They need extra attention

without training people couldn't do this...

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Examples of exotic pets are...

  • small monkeys
  • frogs
  • snakes
  • turtles
  • lizards
  • even rats!!

Mr. Popper's Penguins Movie Clip "Meet the Penguins" Official (HD)
With more advanced technoligy we can get animals like this to talk and make entertainment.