The blue jay


Bluejays live in forest edges.

Oak and pine woods,
suburban gardens,

Color pattern

White or light gray underneath, various shades of blue, black, and white above.


The blue jay is between 9 and 12 in Long.

Males and females can be purely toled apart by breeding behaivior

The male follows the female, and bobs its head

The female chooses the male, and they are mates until one of them dies.

Chicks are small and gray, and take a couple of weeks to mature

Unusual behaivior

When anything gets close to the nest the blue jays are very territorial

They are known to go and eat other birds eggs

They make loud calls that range from a jay sound to a high pitch whistle


The blue jays have thermal insulation, being in multiple ranging environments, this keeps the jay from getting too hot or too cold