P.E. class

by paola garcia period 5

definition of P.E.

P.E. is physical activity were you do exercise and be healthy. You can lose a lot of weight. If you just sit on the couch and eat then you wont be healthy.In P.E. you can learn how to play a sport correctly.

Expectations in P.E.

1.you will be treated fairly

2.do not steal

3.do not make excuses

4.respect your teammate

5.always tell the truth

P.E. information

dressing out-you have to dress out everyday to get a good grade.it will be easier to do things when you are dressed out.you wont get your school clothe dirty, if you dress out.

if you have the wrong shoes you can get hurt. if you don't dress out you will do consequences.

lockers-you cant switch lockers without the teachers permission.when you get a locker don't tell anyone your combination.when you choose a locker you want tell the teacher.

if you dont remember your combination on your lock ask the teacher to give you your combination.

grading- every time that you don't dress out you will get points taken away.if you participate you will get a good grade. you get graded on what you were like a gray t-shirt,proper shoes & no jewelry.if you are bad you will get a low grade.if you dont do your work you will get a bad grade.

health day-you do book work and you don't dress out.when its health day dont get on your phone it is just like a class.if you dont do the health book work you will get bad grades.