Yugoslavia was one big country. Bosnia, Serd, and the Croatains all belong to Yugoslavians.

How it happened (Bosnia)

The Bosnias wanted controll over the Serds and Croatains. A war later started. The Croatians and Serds won independince. Bosnia didnt like it. Bosnia took the Croatians into their control. Bosnia took the Croatiins from their home and sent them to other places. The Crations got treated poorly.

How it happened (Holicast)

Germany lost the war to France. So Germany had to give them some of their land. So later Hitler took over the controul of the germans. He took jews, romans, people with disablitys, homeasexuals, and other "none perfect race". He took them form their homes and put them in gettos. They treated them very badly. They killed around 6 million people.


Bosnia and the Holicast are very much alike. Many people where involved in Genocide. Both have left a long lasting mark on the world, and not a good one. Many people got treated poorly, and many died. They both started it because of the country loosing a war.