What are they, and how are they used

What are Mushrooms?

Small hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow Ireland. The main chemical is Psilocybin, and a small trace, not enough to make you high, is found in every mushroom.

Slang for Mushrooms

Magic Mushrooms, Shrooms, Caps, Boomers, Gods Flesh, Simple Simon, Blue Meanies, Mushies, Caps

How is it Taken in?

Eaten (raw, dried, cooked, stewed), Brewed with Tea,

Mixed with Foods, Coat them in Chocolate

Short term effects

  • distorts color, and sound of objects
  • speed up and slow down time and movement
  • make you feel more creative and enlightened
  • may make you feel sick, tired, or disoriented
  • nausea
  • anxiety
  • shivering and sweating

Long term effects

Some users that experience extreme hallucinations have the fear that they will occur again for the rest of their lives. People with a family history of mental illness should not use psilocybin because it can lead to depression.

Signs of Abuse -- Dependence/Addiction

Mushrooms are a physically, non-addictive drug. However, they can produce habits. A users tolerance quickly increases, thus diminishing the drugs effect.