Ben Franklin

By Jack Farkasovsky


The book that this will be is facts about Ben Franklin and his life time. For the first paragraph it will be about his invenchens. Then we will wright about his jobs. And last about the colonial times plus the time of war.

Inventions he made

For the first paragraph of Ben Franklin we will talk about his intentions. The first one we will talk about is the Pennsylvania fire place also known as a fire place we have and still use this for heat in the winter as such and second for safety he made a security mirror that war a little bem the made a noise when blocked to the other side and is good for inturders.

Jobs he had before and after electricity

This paragraph is about the jobs he had before electricity. It was at his age of 16 and he had just turned to schooling and after two years he got his first job as a candle and soap maker. Then he thought what am I doing I love to read and I am a good writer and was a good speller. So he wanted to work as a printer like his brother James but instead he got a job for his brother and that was his second job. And Ben liked it but at the age of 21 he got a new job. He had become the towns news paper writer called the New England courantand that was his third job. He quit his job a few years later and moved to New York but no jobs where available. So he went around and when he herd there was jobs available in Philadelphia he moved out to Philadelphia and desided to make his own print shop to make it he had to go to London to buy the presses and tipe he would need for the bissiness. In 1724 America was still a colony of England so he could not make one so he ended up working at someone's else's print shop and that was he forth job. So after a few days he returned to Philadelphia and got a job as a third volunteer fireman and that was his fifth job. Finally after two years as a fire man he was 42 and retired and had a son named William Franklin and on a stormy night he wanted to do sianice so he took William and tied a key to a kite but that night a lightning bolt struck the kite and went in the key Ben got a shock and knew he found electricity and that was the last job he had. And ever since he found it he is the reason we have this story.

Colonial times

This is ether before or after he found electricity and back where there was WAR! This part is like it said the colonial times and when colonist like Ben. Events happened as Ben was a colonist like the Boston tea party and the war. But the events was why Ben was in this he was soon a amarican not a British man or English man but an American man. The war when he was a British man he was part of the war France v.s great Britain cannon fire ships sinking and sadly people dying. The British won and made a peace treaty but they found amarica and taxes came in so to say on taxes the Boston tea party. The Boston tea party was a event that showed the British No More Taxes! But many encounters later another war happened between the British v.s. Amarica and France we won and singed the treaty of grent. Well that is the last of the story but you can always find more.

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So much more info but that's all we could fit in so again the invenchins finding electricity and the colonist days. I spent a lot of time finding these and I know there still used today. And if Ben did not find electricity or if he was not here we would not have power or this story. And ovcorse if the wars and tea party did not happen we would be British. So I hope you enjoyed this article and remember no Ben no power


Colonist- a person that lives in a colony.

Volunteer- a person that joins something.

Intruders- a person that intrudes your home.



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