Ms. Kinnison and The Kids in Class

September 18 - September 25

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What we are learning about this week

Reading and Vocabulary Development

  • Students will be learning identify words that name actions and words that name persons, places, or things.
  • They will also connect the meaning of a well-known story or fable to personal experiences.

Numbers and Operations

  • Students will use concrete and pictorial models to compose and decompose numbers up to 120.
  • They will also learn how to use place value to compare whole numbers up to 120 using comparative language.

Earth and Space

  • Students will observe, describe, compare, and sort rocks by size, shape, color, and texture.
  • Also, students will describe and provide examples of ways rocks, soil, and water are useful.


  • Students will locate places using the four cardinal directions.
  • They will also describe the location of self and objects relative to other locations in the classroom and school.

    Since we are learning about cardinal directions this week, I provided a YouTube video down below to help your child review cardinal directions.

Homework Tips and Reminders!

Math Pictorial Model Activity: Wednesday, September 20

Weekly Reading Logs: Friday, September 22

Upcoming Events

September 20: Open House

September 22: PTA Meeting at 6 p.m.

September 23: Progress Reports

September 24: Lunch in the Classroom (Pizza Party)

Student of the Week!

Jewel is the star student of the week in our classroom because she has perfect attendance, a great attitude, and is always a great helper!

Upcoming Birthdays!

This week, we are celebrating two birthdays in our classroom! Julia and Mark are both turning six!

Happy Birthday Julia and Mark!

Classroom Quote

This is an inspirational quote which was created by the famous author known as Dr. Seuss. This quote is hanging on the walls in our classroom. The purpose of this quote is to remind students that they are off to great places and to make everyday a great day!

Contact Information

School Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Lunch Hours: 12:30-1:05 p.m.

Conference Period: 9:15-10:15 a.m.