Gen. Joe Dunford

Commander, U.S. Forces, Afghanistan

Reason why he is a Leader.

He got a nickname of Fighting Joe while in service. He was always loyal to others also when in service he was the most warrior- statesman in the military wearing a uniform today. My traits that are similar to his are: Loyalty and courage.

His ability to become a leader has earned him tons of respect as far as freedom goes. This General has made me want to follow his steps because of the way he succeeded in his tasks and ill be going into the Marines someday. My Dad followed his steps by going into the Air Force so im going to do the same. All Leaders dont have to have the same traits/skills to be a leader all they have to do is show that they are worthy enough to be announced as a leader. For General Joe Dunford's most important and helpful skill was to be coragous and brave. His visible leadership skills inspired people to be more brave and if ever you have experience in combat, you have to stay calm and concentrate on what your doing, in other words, just be brave about what you do.

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