Nepal Water Crisis

By: Chris Barber, Gracie Southerland,& Maya Fournier

Pollution Problems

The population of Nepal is 28,120,740. 40% of those people are living below the poverty line and only 80% have access to unsafe drinking water. This is due to the sources of water being polluted. It is polluted by industry and domestic waste along with discharge of untreated sewage in crowded neighborhoods.

Fun Facts

  • !50 tons of waste is produced everyday
  • 80% of wastewater is dumped into rivers.
  • 44,000 children are killed due to waterbourne illnesses every year

Pollution Solutions

Some solutions to improve the lack of clean water in Nepal is to import water from other countries and/or to run it through filtration systems. Also they should pump less/no untreated sewage into large bodies of water and drill deep into the ground to find clean water and make wells.