Step Up Day

Mrs. Trout's Kindergarten

What did we do?

The students visited Mrs. Trout's Kindergarten class and learned all about Kindergarten! The Students had the chance to explore our classroom and see what a day in the life of a Kindergartner looks like.

Next, We looked at and read the book The Mystery Missing Mitten By :Steven Kellog. The students helped make a predictable chart as to where the missing mitten might be. The Students had on their best Kindergarten listening ears and listened to the story. We discussed if our predictions were correct.

Finally, The Students went on a missing mitten hunt around the classroom. Once they found their mitten they had to illustrate a picture of where they found the mitten and write about it.

When the writing and illustrations were completed, we played a fun game of mitten match!

Check out the kids in action:

Big image

We had a great time in Kindergarten!