Educational Mobile Apps

Educational apps to use in the classroom

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LearnCast is a free, easy to use application that allows users to create lessons, topics, quizzes, exams and polls. It's also a tool that educators can use to associate with other professionals. LearnCast has poll and group chat abilities for teachers to interact with students easily. It has a very effective "push alert" notification system.

Teachers can use LearnCast to develop lessons and let students work on them from home. It is also a great way to remind students of exams or quizzes coming up with the alert notification system.

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Mobl21 is an application that is supported on many different mobile devices including the Apple products (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad), available as a desktop widget and coming soon or newly on Android and BlackBerry. It has a variety of features that allows students to access study guides, flash cards, quizzes, and personal learning tools both online and offline.

Teachers can electronically send home a study guide for an upcoming examination along with a practice quiz directly to their cellphones.
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Popplet lite

Popplet lite is a mind-mapping tool that allows users to add pictures, draw, color code and connect text boxes. Popplet lite is a terrific resource to use for students who have difficulties taking notes and will help in organizing their thoughts and ideas. I would recommend the use of Popplet lite to all my students to break down learning barriers during studying and review periods.
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Socrative student clicker is a great app for teachers to use in the classroom. Socrative allows teachers to create polls, quizzes and entry, exit slips. It allows teachers to share quizzes and resources with each another. Teachers can instantly receive grades and feedback of student understanding. Students can easily access the app through the distribution of iPads. The Socrative student clicker app can be useful when searching for anonymous class opinions. Socrative makes it easy to identify individual student comprehension through exit slips and quizzes while also creating testing in the classroom quick and easy.
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mobiSiteGalore is an application where anyone can create a web page that is optimized for mobile devices and is really easy to use. It's an excellent tool that can be used to post lecture notes and other activities online for students to use to suplement their learning.

mobiSiteGalore can be used by teachers by posting an electronic copy of an assignment online that students can access from any place at any time. It's a great way to make sure that if students lose their assignments or worksheets, that they will always have an electronic copy available to them.