Mother Teresa

By Jacob Ethridge

Who is Mother Teresa?

Mother Teresa is an icon for the care of the poor and disadvantaged. There were many events that went on in her life that led her to be that icon. One of the first major events was in 1931 when she traveled to Calcutta, India to teach at an all girls high school. Then later in 1946 devoted her life to working with the poorest of the poor. Mother Teresa is a person who cares about people in both spiritual and physical ways.

How was she a change maker?

Mother Teresa is a change maker for numerous reasons. One of the reasons that stands out to me is the fact that she as one person changed so many peoples lives. That's significant to me because one of the things I've wanted to do in my life was change atleast one persons life. This reason would also be inspiration to other people because they could take what Mother Teresa did and learn how she changed people lives so that they could do the same in their community. Mother Teresa was definitely recognized for her accomplishments. She received many sought after awards including the Jewel of India which is the highest honor an Indian citizen can receive and the Nobel Peace Prize. All in all Mother Teresa was one of the most effective change makers that is still recognized today.