Willmot Walkabout

Week 8, Term 3

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The McClymonts - Where You Are
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The Week In View...

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Thank you to team O'a. He is reading and excited about it!

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Community Engagement Officer EOI

Amongst additional SLSO and SAO positions, next year Willmot PS will also establish a 2 or 3 day per week Community Engagement Officer position.
This position is non-teaching and comes under the category of SASS staff - Operational Paraprofessional (please see attachment in this week's Walkabout for more details - including position information, position criteria, rates of pay etc.)
The EOI application for this position is due at the same time as the other SASS and teaching positions i.e. COB Friday, 9th October to Anne's email.

Please be advised that Carley, Danielle and a P&C representative will be conducting the merit selection process for this position.

School Cleaning

Did you know that Mr Mabuto has approximately 6 minutes to clean each calssroom?! Not a long time but this is the contract negotiated through SPOTLESS.

I know he may appear in your classroom just after your class has been dismissed and therefore you may not have time to have begun the tidy up, but could you please attempt to complete the clean up before your class are dismissed.

Mr Mabuto has complained of too much paper and pencils on the follow which takes from the 6 mins per room if he has to also pick these up and vacuum etc.

Please try to get your class to do their bit. I will review how we are going with this request in a week or so...

Reno Rumble continues

Josh is still here painting but we are getting to the end of it for 2014 for what we can actually afford anyway.
Over this week, he is giving a coat of paint to the stairs and corridor area in Block B. He will then move over to the Song Room which will become the Community Room very soon. The Song Room will move directly above to where it is currently located and be renamed 'Studio 4470'. It will be the arts / craft / music room.
This recently named studio will be renamed The Lab as it will have a Science and Technology focus when we finish up there.
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Sports Storeoom - a message from our PDHPE team via our WHS team

The Sports storeroom has become a dumping ground and is an unsafe place for students and teachers to retrieve sports equipment. It has been tidied and organised on many occasions and after a few weeks it ends up a mess. This is the worst I have seen it! There is brand new tennis equipment that has been thrown on the floor and is getting damaged. It appears that students are returning equipment to the storeroom on their own and leaving it on the floor instead of putting it where it belongs.

After discussion we have come up with a plan on how to keep the storeroom tidy and look after our equipment properly:

Students are NOT allowed to collect or return equipment on their own. The only students who should be collecting equipment for recess and lunch are our sports monitors (Atoc, Thomas M, Hemeleta and Ashley). The tennis equipment will be brought out and packed away by these students only.

Teachers must collect equipment prior to their lesson and return it when possible. Or SLSO's could accompany students to collect equipment.

Sports equipment for Friday sport should be kept in classrooms to be used each week for the term instead of collecting each week.

Please let me know if you have any other suggestions on how to keep our storeroom tidy. I will be re-organising the storeroom (with labels) next week and I would like to thank you in advance for helping me to keep it organised.

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Professional experience agreements - High-quality professional experience in NSW schools

The preparation of the next generation of teachers is a shared responsibility between initial teacher education providers (ITEPs) and schools.

Under Great Teaching, Inspired Learning the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards (BOSTES) released A Framework for High-Quality Professional Experience in NSW Schools.

The Department is establishing Professional Experience Agreements with NSW universities/(ITEPs), based on the Framework, to develop a more consistent and coordinated approach between schools and universities/ITEPs for placing teacher education students for professional experience..


Professional Experience Agreements

Professional Experience Agreements will be signed by the Department, on behalf of NSW public schools, and by individual NSW universities/ITEPs.

Professional Experience Agreements aim to provide the Department, universities/ITEPs and schools with:

  • increased certainty around the number and timing of placements
  • a more coordinated and consistent approach to placing teacher education students for professional experience
  • more opportunities to develop and strengthen relationships between universities/ITEPs, the Department and schools
  • the capacity to prioritise the provision of professional experience placements to the Department's areas of workforce need
  • professional learning opportunities for schools and universities/ITEPs
  • increased opportunities to build professional learning communities to enable the sharing of innovation, research and professional knowledge.

The Agreements align with the BOSTES document: A Framework for High-Quality Professional Experience Placements in NSW Schooland outline the key expectations, roles and responsibilities of the universities/ITEPs, the Department and NSW public schools for professional experience.

The Agreements will be implemented using a phased approach.

Agreements have been signed with the 11 universities, listed below, which provide the majority of professional experience placements in NSW public schools. These Agreements will commence from the beginning of 2016.

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Willmot Whisper Articles due from....

Willmot Whisper articles are due on Mondays of even weeks. Please place them in the correct folder on common drive that Jill has set up - see filepath below. Please see the newsletter contribution roster for 2015 attached to this post.

    • Sharon to collate Assembly Award winners and given to Jill no later then following Monday
    • RFF - could Karen Dacey put something together please
    • EAfS - could Chris Fraser coordinate a report please
    • Learning and Support - could Danielle put together a report please

Please put your article on common drive / Teacher / Teachers / 2015 / Admin / Willmot Whisper Term 3 / Week 8

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These look quite good...

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Internet Explorer 11 deployment in eT4L Schools

All staff should note that an upgrade from Internet Explorer (IE) 9 to 11 is coming soon.
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Play therapy

Thank you to Lorrinda for this great link. It really goes along with the article that I posted in a previous Walkabout about traumatised kids.

We are considering this service for a number of our students. If you think any of your students may benefit from this service please let Danielle or Lorrinda know.

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