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How are people transformed by relationships with others?

Savanna Ferrera

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The picture above could be perceived as heart breaking or a relationship ending, but when I first looked at it I saw it as a heart being made whole. Maybe instead of two people leaving each other it's two people reuniting and forming a relationship, two people making their two hearts one and therefore transforming each other.

Relevance to my life

A girl I met in first grade has forever changed me. I will leave her unnamed but she still remains my best friend and will always remain my best friend. She moved away in the beginning of fifth grade, not any where close either. She moved to Germany a seven hour time difference. When we were younger she just glowed, she was her own person and didn't let anyone tell her what to do or ruin anything she wanted to do. She was a leader, still is I'm sure. I can't remember how we became friends but afterward little six year old me could tell it was the best thing to happen to me in my short life a lot of influence she held over me too, not all of it good in some people's opinion. All the ways she has transformed me, I couldn't possibly list them all. One of the more important was that she was the one to show me how different isn't anything to be ashamed of, it's something to be proud of.
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Lauren Oliver, Requiem

"Do you love me? Alex asks. And I could cry. I could press my face into his chest and breathe in, and pretend that nothing has changed, that everything will be perfect and whole and healed again. But I can't. I know I can't" ~Oliver, pg 388. Because of Lena’s relationship with Raven and Alex (as well as the other people in the camp) has transformed her because the Lena before she met any of them and depended on them for her survival she would’ve just said. She would’ve gone with Alex because she would be too afraid to do anything else. Having been through her toughest time with these people she came to the realization that she can no longer pretend. She has to be brave. The book focused on two main people, Lena and Hana. Throughout the whole book transformations between them seem to occur quickly because they have new surroundings to adapt to. For Lena it’s being in the Wilds and having it be a constant struggle to survive. Hana just had the operation, causing her to be unable to feel love.

current conflict

There are many people who support same sex marriage and many people who don't, just like like any other conflict. But some of those people who hadn't favored it before favor it now. Lots of different reasons can light that little fire of change within somebody but the most common reason is because they know some one that is gay and they suddenly have a better understanding of what means, or they discover they realize that those people are still people and deserve the same rights, that they deserve freedom just like everyone else.
Why people change their minds...
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S. A. Bodeen, The Fallout

"I missed you so much. And I felt so guilty for what I'd done. And if it wasn't for that, the guilt and your absence, which sent me to your room. That's how I found the laptop, and eventually found the wireless signal" ~Bodeen, pg 207. His strong relationship with his brother made him guilty all those years he was without him. His brother and his absence transformed Eli because without that relationship he would still be, for one, trapped in the compound, and two, Eli would still most likely be the self absorbed mean child he was when he first entered the compound. After the sudden change that occurred in the family, with them being released from the compound another change occurred with the relationships they had with the people they knew before the compound. People like Eli’s brother Eddy have also changed since the last saw them, since these relationships are basically brand new and awkward trust needs to be placed again. Now everyone has to adapt to the new world or in other words, transform so they can fit in with the new world and the relationships with the people on the outside are helping them accomplish that.

Those Nights by Skillet

I choose this song because it explains a relationship someone has with someone else that obviously means a lot to both people. The song describes how two people relied on each other from "going mad" in a hard time. A relationship like that that is bound to transform some one. It even said in the song that "those nights kept me alive" so evidently without the relationship these people had someone wouldn't be alive, I think a relationship like that is definitely one that transforms people.

Neal Shusterman, Unwind

"It's only because of his unwinding that you're all here.......this place, these kids, are the result of it. To date I've saved more than a thousand kids from unwinding" ~Shusterman, pg 225.
The admiral’s relationship with his son transformed him to become a better person even though his son has been unwound the relationship they had caused the admiral to create a place for all escaped unwinds. It changed him and his whole viewpoint on unwinding, keeping in mind he was one of the creators of unwinding.The book followed many people but the main character is Connor. Throughout the book he went through the most transformation, all of it a gradual change. Risa was the person who affected him the most. In the beginning he acts mainly on instinct and however he feels like in that moment.Because of Risa he realized more strategic ways to get what he wants, a more effective way. He doesn't get into as many fights anymore all because Risa showed him new ways and overall increased his intelligence.
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