Written By Elaine Altizo and Pictures were by Elaine Altizo

Cinderella part 1

Once upon a time there lived 2 ugly sisters, one mean stepmother and one beautiful and pure evil girl named Cinderella. The two ugly sisters named Arabelle and Hollina were kind and had a heart as pure as a rose. Cinderella was wicked like a rose of thorns, she had a heart of cold. They all lived in a big new house, next to the palace, where a wicked prince lived. The wicked prince was a handsome but spoilt man. The wicked prince had two ugly brothers but they were kind and smart. But the king and queen felt disgusted and ashamed that they had two ugly sons and decided to spoil the wicked handsome prince instead.

“Don’t you think Cinderella’s a wicked witch?” Hollina giggled. “Uh... Hollina, look behind you...”. There, Cinderella stood and glared at Hollina with her icy blue eyes, Hollina stood and froze in terror. “Uh...” Hollina stammered. “EXCUSE me?! I think YOU girls should do your work before I call stepmother!” Cinderella shouted at them. “Yes! we are very sorry!” Hollina and Arabella said, shaking. Then Cinderella left with her nose stuck up in the air. Then Arabelle and Hollina did all the work.

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Cinderella part 2

One day the door rung and the postman gave the two sisters two mystery invitations. But Cinderella snatched the invitations so violently, that the sisters almost got a paper cut. “Probably just rubbish” Cinderella rolled her eyes. But when she opened it, she screamed in a squeaky high-pitched voice with excitement. “ I CANNOT believe it! the ROYAL ball?! She looked like she was about to cry. “REALLY?!” Arabelle shrieked! Then Cinderella stopped her teariness then GLARED at Arabelle. She laughed in her high-pitched voice. “ Ha! You’d REALLY think you would come? Listen, I’m sure NOBODY would dance with you! I bet they even can’t cope with your ugliness! Cinderella stared at them with disgust. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Arabelle became teary and sad. Then she covered her eyes and ran away. “Wait!” Hollina then chased after her. Soon, Hollina was panting really loud. She couldn’t find Arabelle. “This is all that witches fault!” She screamed really loud, then she kicked a rock really hard. As she kicked the rock she noticed a tiny scar on her shoe. Then she saw Arabelle, she was alright but she had her mouth really wide and her eyes locked and she stared in awe at a tiny little man with lunar wings and an blue velvet top, and moonlit grey pants. He had a very strange cane which he was holding. Arabelle screamed in shock. “AHHHH!” the poor little man covered his ears, and shouted. “Goodness me! what a screamer you are!” He said in an shaky, terrified voice. Soon Hollina caught up with Arabelle and Hollina had a stick in her hands. “Why are you screaming at that weird looking tiny guy? she muttered to Arabelle. Then Arabelle whispered to Hollina in a shaky voice. “ I thought he was a goblin..” she

cried. “A goblin?!” He jumped in shock, “You can TALK?! The two sisters stared at him with fright. “I guess you two don’t know me... I am your- “EKK!” Annabelle screamed “QUIET!” The little man screamed in rage. Suddenly the two sisters mumbled weakly “yes..” “Okay, I am your Fairy

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Cinderella part 3

Godfather! he smiled. Then the two sisters gave him a puzzled look. Then they stared at each other, and then laughed. “Nice Joke!” “Haha!” Then the fairy grumbled and gave both of them a dirty look. “How DARE you! do you want me to help you or NOT?! Soon the sisters stopped. “How did you know?!” They whispered in shock. “ I am your Fairy Godfather, I am going to help you! He smiled. “Huh?”

Then they were both suddenly were beautiful. They had silky brown hair and gorgeous dresses on and pale crystal shoes that sparkled in the moonlight. “Wow!” They gasped and shrieked. “There’s a catch!” He stared at them with serious eyes “What do you mean?” They stammered. “If you want to be beautiful forever you must kiss a prince before midnight, not only will you be beautiful, but the prince will be very handsome! “Ok!” we’ll definitely find a prince!

They went to the ball and Cinderella was there. She stared at them with jealous eyes. Then two ugly princes came up to them and asked them to dance with them. They both accepted and they danced, then they all fell in love with each other. Then they kissed before midnight and they all became beautiful and handsome. Then they all got married and lived happily ever after. The spoiled prince and Cinderella married each other and didn’t live happily ever after.

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