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What is Queen Claire and Queen Forever 21 up to now?

Some people believe that both of the Queens have a secret that needs to be told. The Queens will not confess but Queen Forever 21 told us some information about the secret. The secret has something to do with the war between the two Queens. Our sources tells us that Queen Forever 21 said "The war really did have a winner but my sister and I agreed not to tell anyone." In closing, whether there was a winner or not we still love Shopalandia the same way.

Shopalandia News of the Week

November 24, 2014

The weather in Shopalandia is going to be in the mid 70's all through the week. This Thursday the community pool will be closed for Thanksgiving. Enjoy your Black Friday deals at your favorite stores at Shopalandia, for more information contact the main directory line at 206-597-SHOP. At Lulu Lemon Lake there will be a contest on November 30th. The contest is for the best shopping bag boat. It will be from 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm. The grand prize winner will win a $2,000 dollar gift card to anywhere in Shopalandia. Hopefully you will enter the contest. Have a nice and safe week in Shopalandia.