Analog vs Digital

The Difference Between Them


Analog technology uses voltage to operate and display info.


Digital technology is computerized and uses the binary code (a seriesof 0s and1s) to operate and display data.

Analog clock

This is Analog technology because it have hour and minute hands that move around the clock which represents the analogy of time.

Cassette tape

This is Analog because it hate a magnetic tape inside that stores sound waves and uses voltage to make sound.
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This is Analog because it has tiny bumpy groves that when touched by a needle while spinning, creates sound waves.
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This is Digital technology because it uses the binary code to display data and many other functions
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This is Digital technology because it turns it turns yor voice into an electrical signal which is then transmitted thorugh cell tower to the person you are calling.
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Mp3 player

This is Digital because it plays mp3 files from the computer using binary code.
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